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Sarasota Foreclosure Attorney

Underwater mortgage? Facing foreclosure? We can help.

Are you underwater on your mortgage or facing foreclosure? The Edwards Law Firm, PL is here to assist you. Our lead attorney, Sheryl A. Edwards, is Board Certified in Real Estate and has the hard-earned experience in all aspects of real estate law, which is needed if you hope to successfully defend against foreclosure.

Why choose Attorney Edwards?

The Edwards Law Firm, PL can help you calculate whether it makes financial sense to continue to pay your underwater mortgage, can help you implement a plan to get rid of your underwater real estate, and can fight your foreclosure. You wouldn't choose a dermatologist to perform open heart surgery – why would you choose anyone other than a real estate expert to help you with real estate problems?

Experience Makes the Difference in the Outcome of Your Case

We recognize that there is no cookie-cutter solution when it comes to foreclosure cases. Every situation demands a painstaking review of the value of your property, your financial situation, and your personal goals, as well as a line-by-line review of the loan documents. Our firm can identify the best way for you to move forward with your life and to fight against your foreclosure.

Our firm represents people from all walks of life in foreclosure defense and can help you in your specific situation. You have foreclosure rights – how your case is addressed can have a huge impact on the final outcome of your case.

We understand how to handle all of the following foreclosure issues:

Hire a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer in Sarasota

The Edwards Law Firm, PL has helped countless Sarasota homeowners keep their homes and get back on top of their home loans. With our step-by-step counsel and relentless legal representation, we can protect your home from being repossessed. Contact a Sarasota foreclosure lawyer from our firm if you need help resolving an underwater mortgage. Call (800) 896-3619 today!

The Edwards Law Firm, PL - Sarasota Foreclosure Defense Lawyer
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