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Sarasota Short Sale Attorney: HOA Foreclosure

Homeowner Association Lien in Short Sale

Many homes in Sarasota are located in a subdivision where payment of homeowner's association dues is due each month or each quarter. If these payments are not made, a homeowner's association can file a lien against the property and then file a foreclosure action to collect the unpaid balance. In a short sale, a homeowner's association lien can create complexities separate from those involving the first or second mortgage that must be resolved before the property can be sold. In a foreclosure, a homeowner's association has certain rights that can often lead to a swift loss of the property if the foreclosure action is not properly defended.

To better understand how a homeowner's association lien can affect your short sale options or other negotiations regarding a property, it is best to speak with a Sarasota foreclosure defense attorney from the firm as early as possible in the short sale or foreclosure process.

Foreclosure Defense Lawyer serving Sarasota

The Edwards Law Firm, PL has helped many clients that were bewildered by their confusing and overwhelming real estate problems and foreclosure issues. Our firm has the experience to swiftly identify the most viable solutions for those that need it most. There are alternatives to foreclosure and bankruptcy should be considered a last resort. Before considering bankruptcy or allowing a foreclosure to proceed, speak with a foreclosure defense attorney about how you can solve your real estate problem with the best potential for actually resolving the problem. We are ready to assist you and have the experience to serve your interests .

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